Fearless? I wish…

There is one thing in the whole wide world I would want to do for the rest of my life. I would like to do it so everybody can see how much I love it.

The problem is that I am scared to do it.

I love love love singing.

And I want to enter a contest to try it out and see how good I am.  Some people I know say that I can sing, but I am not sure of it. I am not that confident. And I have a friend who can sing much better than me.

Everytime I have tried to do something with it I shut down and couldn’t ding properly anymore. My nervers are killing it. And I hate because I feel embarassed when that happens. But I love it soooo much, so I want to give it a try at a national contest. But…. I have to send in something I sung, and so I have to record something. But I don’t want anyone to know that I am entering or hear me sing while recording because I am afraid they will say that I suck…

So I am gathering all of my courage.

Wish me good luck….


One thought on “Fearless? I wish…

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